Restore Dell laptop to factory settings

Posted June 26th, 2015 in Computers
If you need to reformat your Dell laptop and your system did not come with restore disks, you have the option of restoring to original factory setup using files stored on a partition on the system, or you can reformat using a standard windows disk. If you choose to reformat using a windows disk, you will also need to install the drivers for the graphics, sound, video etc. 

Restoring your laptop from the software installed on a partition on your system makes it extremely easy to restore your system to factory defaults.

Before you start, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP ALL FILES because this process will restore EVERYTHING to default. Backups should include your ''My Documents'' folder, mail, favourites, ftp settings, and internet connection settings.

Once you have backed up your data, follow these steps to restore your system:

  • Reboot system

  • Press the CTRL key and F11 when the system starts to boot again

  • You will be presented with a screen that asks if you want to reformat or restart. Choose reformat

  • Sit back and wait for your system to reformat

When this process is complete, you will have a fully restored system. You can now reload all of your saved files onto the system.


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